Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The Office CBK Gives Back to the Community

At The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen, community means a great deal. But our dedication to the local community goes beyond mere words. We are committed to doing our part in bettering the local community. Monthly donations are a way for us to give back and that comes in a variety of different forms.

Gift Card Donations

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of our everyday business, The Office CBK makes sure to stay involved with the process of giving back. Every month, we donate up to $200 in gift cards. The majority of these donations go out to local schools and churches in the community. It is a way to give back and remain a conscientious proprietor in the community. Our gift card donations differ in value, but remain a constant part of our monthly itinerary.

Responsible Business

The Office CBK is an active member of the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce. This organization requires membership and works with local businesses to achieve the long-term goal of economic vitality. The Chamber’s mission is to heighten the sense of community among local businesses. For The Office CBK, it is one more way to help strengthen our local roots. We are proud to stand alongside other reputable businesses in the community, doing our part in growing local commerce.

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and The Office CBK does our part every year to help the cause. We have created a signature craft cocktail, called “The Pink Slip,” which has become a choice favorite among guests. Through the month of October, we donate $1 for every Pink Slip sold at The Office CBK. The Pink Slip is a refreshing cocktail that includes just the right amount of peach vodka, lemonade and fresh raspberries. We sell quite a few of these cocktails, equating to a sizeable donation that helps a truly worthy cause.

Continued Community Involvement

As a newer member of the local business community, The Office restaurant in Indian Land is continuing to look for new ways to give back. That could mean charity events, holiday donations and other worthwhile endeavors. Be on the lookout for more community events and involvement from The Office CBK as we have made it a point to continually give back. Our management team welcomes new ways to lend a hand in the community as we are always ready to be approached with new ideas.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Craft Beers Always on Tap in Indian Land

Craft beer has become a staple in some of the most popular pubs and bars all over the country. Being able to sample different beers has also become a pastime for drink aficionados. The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen brings an ensemble of craft beers to our customers, introducing a unique sampling experience.

The collection of beers features a lot of local flavor as well. More than 20 of our 28 tap lines are always filled with local beers brewed in North Carolina and South Carolina. We regularly change out beers to provide our customer base with a lot of variety. Here is a look at more of our craft beer offerings.


We provide flights of beers so that you can sample a few smaller sized glasses. Our flights of beers bring you four craft beers of your choice in 6-ounce glasses for the low price of $10. This is a popular item that allows patrons to sip local beer flavors and determine which ones might become their new favorites.


Draft specials are always on tap at The Office. Monday $4 drafts start out the week and we keep things rolling with different nightly specials. Daily happy hour starts and 4 p.m. and runs until 7 p.m. It’s the perfect time to stop in and try a draft or two after a long day of work.  Some of our craft beers even come complete with a cinnamon sugar rim.

Local Flavor

There is a great deal of pride in stocking our taps with local craft beers. We are fortunate to have so many outstanding breweries in the great state of South Carolina. It is important to us to bring these local flavors to our customers while also supporting other in-state businesses. It is a way to strengthen commerce throughout the entire state and help keep our local economy thriving. 

Craft Beer Knowledge

It’s okay if you are not an expert in craft beers. Our staff will guide you through each craft beer selection. Our staff has sampled and learned about all our craft beers, which helps broaden the knowledge of our customer base.

Make a Great Night Even Better

Craft beers go even better with live music, professional sporting events and fire pits. All that is at your disposal when you stop by The Office. Our craft beer selection is a great way to celebrate every night of the week and we have a variety of events to help ring in a great time all year long.

Find a "bar near me" now; discover The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Small Business and Local Ownership is Important to The Office CBK

There is something special about frequenting business that already brings a sense of familiarity. That especially applies to a bar/restaurant type of setting. The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen is considered a small business with local ownership and that has translated into a big-time experience. Here is a look at the small business recipe we’ve used to enhance that experience.

One Part Culture

Many patrons come back to a place that has a familiar feel. A locally-owned business like The Office features a wealth of familiar faces. Much of the staff remains intact and that creates a welcoming atmosphere. But the culture also extends to The Office’s brand and that is something customers identify with. Larger businesses have difficulty maintaining any type of distinct culture, although that is not the case at The Office.

One Part Communication

There is an accessibility that comes with a small business, one in which larger companies cannot provide. Communication between employees and managers is much more direct. That allows the business to identify and meet customer needs. It is also a way of identifying areas that need to be upgraded. Moreover, communication between customers and staff does not have to go through corporate channels.

One Part Customer Relationships

Big businesses do not have the time to get to know their customers. Many times, they are focused more on big picture issues. At The Office Craft Bar & Kitchen, customer relationships are the big picture issues. There is a personal touch that comes with prioritizing customer service. That allows us to get to know our customers so that they become more than just nameless faces in the crowd.

One Part Employee Development

Employees at The Office are provided with a firsthand look at all the moving parts of the business. Smaller businesses provide a prime setting to grow and develop employees. Promoting people from within allows employees to really get the chance to enhance the customer experience. This allows all employees to become very well rounded because they have a firm grasp on all the aspects of the business.

One Part Community

The Office is proud to help shape the identity of the local community. This also provides the opportunity to band together with other small business owners and create new opportunities along with new relationships. This helps contribute to local economic growth, which winds up benefiting everyone in the community. Goodwill among small business owners in the Carolinas can have a long-term advantage that is a perk for locals.

Come experience The Office today for good food, good drinks, and good company. You will be sure to enjoy this small business that has a big heart for its community! If you cannot come to us, then we can come to you as we offer lunch catering in Indian Land SC and surrounding areas.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Importance of Food Quality and Presentation

While many restaurants offer specials throughout the week, there are two specialties that should always be on display. That applies to both food quality and presentation. Putting careful consideration into each of those components is extremely important for any restaurant to be successful.

Food Presentation

There is a calculated formula that goes into food presentation and it is done for a variety of reasons. While many may believe it is for just aesthetic purposes, there are more reasons to take extra special care with the presentation of food.

The first reason is that it communicates a message of quality. There is actually a psychology that goes into food presentation that either enhances or diminishes the quality of a kitchen staff. Strong presentation is also an extension of the organization within a kitchen. Lackluster presentation is a way of a disorganized kitchen manifesting itself into the dining room.

Presentation also extends to the size, color and shape of the plate. There is a psychology that also goes into all those choices. Even garnishes serve a purpose in plating and should not be a mere afterthought. And restaurants do not need to specialize in fine dining to adhere to high food presentation standards. There is nothing wrong with being particular about plating a burger and fries. After all, every plate served to a customer is a statement about the restaurant.

Food Quality

There are several ways to ensure food quality is at a premium. The first is to guarantee freshness. This also ups the level of nutrients and flavor. Making timely food orders and giving food an appropriate shelf life necessitate freshness. Quality control of this nature includes marking food items upon their arrival and devising a system that eliminates ingredients after a certain amount of time.

Another important way to ensure quality is to get rid of artificial ingredients. This means refrain from using processed foods. Many customers will prefer the use of natural ingredients, which is also a plus when it comes to marketing. 

The right kitchen staff also makes a difference when it comes to food quality. There is a reason why restaurant food is elevated. That is because fresh ingredients are prepared on top-of-the-line equipment by trained professionals. That combination is essential when serving quality food.

The Office CBK is proud to utilize all of these methods to ensure our customers have high quality food and drinks coupled with top-notch presentation.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Reducing Waste in the Restaurant Supply Chain

Sustainability is a common term used in a lot of different circles. It is also becoming prominent in the food service industry as restaurant owners are taking more responsibility in the green initiative. That shows itself in the way waste is taken care of in the restaurant supply chain. Here is a look at some ways in which restaurants, like The Office CBK, are contributing to the green initiative.

Reducing Waste Energy

Every restaurant needs to use energy to power a day of business. But there is also a lot of opportunities to reduce waste energy. The use of energy-efficient appliances cuts down on waste energy and could also bring a business some sort of rebate. Retrofitting the lighting with an LED variety also reduces waste energy. When talking about waste in restaurant, it is vital to consider energy consumption.

Water Waste Management

Certain areas of the country can limit water use, depending upon the time of year. But when running a restaurant, the management of water waste is more than just an ongoing green initiative. It is also an economic benefit. Less water use will reduce monthly water bills, but it will also mean less energy needed to pump and heat water. There is even the option of using sink fixtures with low-flow options and waterless urinals in the restrooms. Managing water waste is a win-win for restaurants.

Conscious of the Supply Chain

Restaurant owners have the option of ordering products from a wealth of vendors. However, an inclination to shop locally and for organic products benefits restaurants in numerous ways. From a business perspective, it appeals to customers who are more health conscious. There has been a growing trend among consumers when it comes to natural ingredients. Emphasizing sustainability in the supply chain appeals to that demographic while also being environmentally conscious.

Extending Sustainability

Sustainability is not a one-time effort. Improvement is expected to continue over the course of time. In an effort to track progress, restaurants are now producing sustainability reports. This is also a way of monitoring how costs are being cut as it simultaneously assists in creating a greener environment. Furthermore, communicating sustainability practices to employees is a way of building a particular culture. This will also help introduce new programs or practices as they become available.

The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen is proud to continue with practices that contribute to the overall green initiative as we continue to do our part in creating a more environmentally conscious society.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Latest Liquor and Cocktail Trends

One of the most exciting parts of dining out in Indian Land SC is sampling the latest cocktails and liquors that are trending. There is always something exciting and new and that makes going out for drinks an ever-evolving occasion. Here is a closer look at some of the latest liquor and cocktail trends.

Seasonal Cocktails

The introduction of cocktails to complement the time of year is continuing to be a popular trend. Winter has even introduced some mixed drinks made with bourbon to help warm the soul. Apple cider is also being used as a popular ingredient in both fall and winter as it is a distinct change from the summer season drinks that often feature light, sweeter ingredients.

Tequila Popularity Growing

In 2018, tequila grew by almost 8%, according to the Beverage Information and Insights Group. But there is more variety when it comes to tequila as consumers have gone away from relying solely on white tequilas. There has been an increase in anejo and respado varieties. There is also a more frequent use of tequila in mixed drinks as it continues to be a popular trend.

Bright Cocktails

Believe it or not, bright cocktails have been trending because of the way they photograph. Scrolling through social media will showcase a lot of bright cocktails, especially ones that are pink in color. That resonates with a lot of consumers. It is also important to note that many people will purchase a drink based on presentation. The more colorful and appealing a cocktail looks, the more it could sell.

Health-Conscious Cocktails

With more people watching what they eat, health consciousness has made its way into the liquor world. That has translated into more requests for low-carb cocktails. Bars and restaurants in Indian Land SC and across the country are meeting this need by creating all types of cocktails. One element is to replace tonic as it contains a high amount of sugar. Vodka companies are also responding with low-calorie varieties.

Craft Vodkas

Gone are the days when people had only a limited number of vodkas to choose from. Nowadays, craft vodkas are popping up everywhere. This trend is headlined by the immense popularity of Tito’s vodka. It offers a unique background in that it is made from corn and not the traditional potato or wheat. That uniqueness provides character and appeal and is being emulated by other craft vodka makers. As a result, more vodkas are becoming available at bars and restaurants all over the country.

The Office CBK stays up to date on the latest liquor and cocktail trends as our customers can enjoy all types of unique concoctions every day of the week.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Lots of Career Opportunities at The Office

One of the best parts about growing The Office Craft Bar And Kitchen is the opportunities it will afford the local community. We currently employ approximately 70 people at our Redstone Drive location. That number is expected to increase as our business and locations grow. The Office CBK is planning on opening new locations, which will bring even more jobs to the community.

For now, we are proud to have a diverse staff of locals who help make The Office a place to remember. Many of our employees were with us from the start as we carefully selected our fantastic personnel. And it is our own employees that get a prime opportunity for a promotion.

There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with watching employees climb through the ranks of a company. That is no different at The Office. We are in favor of promoting people from within. There is no better way to learn the ins and outs of everyday business than by actually doing it. That provides an excellent restaurant career path as those who are hired at an entry-level position have the chance to eventually get promoted.

There are plenty of benefits that accompany a job in this type of industry. First, there is not a need for early mornings. The Office does not open until 11 a.m., which means the alarm clock of our employees is not going off when the sun rises.

There is also a team concept on display every at The Office. Everyone must rely on someone else in order to provide a great customer experience. Being part of a team can also foster bonds that extend beyond the workplace. Many of our employees become friends and that has to do with being part of the same team. 

As our business continues to grow, The Office will need some of its current employees to help get things started at our new locations. That could mean taking on a new role at a new location or training new employees there for a short time. There is no better place to look for those individuals than right from within our own company.

At The Office, we try to provide a family feel to all our staff. That means truly looking out for one another and helping each and every worker achieve success. We have employee benefit programs as well as a thorough training regimen for new workers.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Expansion Coming to The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen

Expansion is coming to The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen as we have a lot of plans for the future. Our Redstone location will remain intact. Meanwhile, a second concept will be unveiled within the next year. The expansion does not stop there. We are also planning to open a second Office CBK within the next two years.

The new concept will still carry the same professionalism and quality offered by The Office, although it will include a different twist. And our second Office CBK location will uphold the same quality, professionalism and service that can be found at our current location.

With expansion comes the opportunity to grow our staff. A larger number of employees leads to the ability to do more marketing. That not only benefits The Office, but it also benefits the staff, some of whom rely on gratuities for the bulk of their pay. More marketing means more customers, who are spending more money. That equates to higher tips and higher pay rates for all employees.

Expansion will also allow us to grow the catering component of our business. The Office CBK is available to cater all types of parties with great deals to go along with a bevy of menu choices. However, we are not looking to adapt a commercial, corporate style of management. Our employees and customers matter and that is why we emphasize experience in every shred of our expansion plans.

The expansion will allow us to become more involved with community events, as well as host our share of events. That could lead to even more drink and food specials. Variety has been a staple at The Office, something which we intend to bring as we grow.

The biggest benefit of expansion is enjoyed by our customers. We are proud of what we have to offer and bringing it to more people will provide them with another great option when it comes to spending a night out or stopping by for a quick happy hour stay.

Expanding our business also means expanding the job opportunities for the people in the community. The Office CBK is not just a business, but a place that creates opportunities. Employees have the opportunity to carve out a nice career while customers have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy life a little bit more. Why wouldn’t we want to expand those aspects?

So be on the lookout for much more as The Office in South Carolina is looking to make a difference.