Monday, October 26, 2020

Expansion Coming to The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen

Expansion is coming to The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen as we have a lot of plans for the future. Our Redstone location will remain intact. Meanwhile, a second concept will be unveiled within the next year. The expansion does not stop there. We are also planning to open a second Office CBK within the next two years.

The new concept will still carry the same professionalism and quality offered by The Office, although it will include a different twist. And our second Office CBK location will uphold the same quality, professionalism and service that can be found at our current location.

With expansion comes the opportunity to grow our staff. A larger number of employees leads to the ability to do more marketing. That not only benefits The Office, but it also benefits the staff, some of whom rely on gratuities for the bulk of their pay. More marketing means more customers, who are spending more money. That equates to higher tips and higher pay rates for all employees.

Expansion will also allow us to grow the catering component of our business. The Office CBK is available to cater all types of parties with great deals to go along with a bevy of menu choices. However, we are not looking to adapt a commercial, corporate style of management. Our employees and customers matter and that is why we emphasize experience in every shred of our expansion plans.

The expansion will allow us to become more involved with community events, as well as host our share of events. That could lead to even more drink and food specials. Variety has been a staple at The Office, something which we intend to bring as we grow.

The biggest benefit of expansion is enjoyed by our customers. We are proud of what we have to offer and bringing it to more people will provide them with another great option when it comes to spending a night out or stopping by for a quick happy hour stay.

Expanding our business also means expanding the job opportunities for the people in the community. The Office CBK is not just a business, but a place that creates opportunities. Employees have the opportunity to carve out a nice career while customers have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy life a little bit more. Why wouldn’t we want to expand those aspects?

So be on the lookout for much more as The Office in South Carolina is looking to make a difference.