Thursday, August 26, 2021

Reducing Waste in the Restaurant Supply Chain

Sustainability is a common term used in a lot of different circles. It is also becoming prominent in the food service industry as restaurant owners are taking more responsibility in the green initiative. That shows itself in the way waste is taken care of in the restaurant supply chain. Here is a look at some ways in which restaurants, like The Office CBK, are contributing to the green initiative.

Reducing Waste Energy

Every restaurant needs to use energy to power a day of business. But there is also a lot of opportunities to reduce waste energy. The use of energy-efficient appliances cuts down on waste energy and could also bring a business some sort of rebate. Retrofitting the lighting with an LED variety also reduces waste energy. When talking about waste in restaurant, it is vital to consider energy consumption.

Water Waste Management

Certain areas of the country can limit water use, depending upon the time of year. But when running a restaurant, the management of water waste is more than just an ongoing green initiative. It is also an economic benefit. Less water use will reduce monthly water bills, but it will also mean less energy needed to pump and heat water. There is even the option of using sink fixtures with low-flow options and waterless urinals in the restrooms. Managing water waste is a win-win for restaurants.

Conscious of the Supply Chain

Restaurant owners have the option of ordering products from a wealth of vendors. However, an inclination to shop locally and for organic products benefits restaurants in numerous ways. From a business perspective, it appeals to customers who are more health conscious. There has been a growing trend among consumers when it comes to natural ingredients. Emphasizing sustainability in the supply chain appeals to that demographic while also being environmentally conscious.

Extending Sustainability

Sustainability is not a one-time effort. Improvement is expected to continue over the course of time. In an effort to track progress, restaurants are now producing sustainability reports. This is also a way of monitoring how costs are being cut as it simultaneously assists in creating a greener environment. Furthermore, communicating sustainability practices to employees is a way of building a particular culture. This will also help introduce new programs or practices as they become available.

The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen is proud to continue with practices that contribute to the overall green initiative as we continue to do our part in creating a more environmentally conscious society.