Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Importance of Food Quality and Presentation

While many restaurants offer specials throughout the week, there are two specialties that should always be on display. That applies to both food quality and presentation. Putting careful consideration into each of those components is extremely important for any restaurant to be successful.

Food Presentation

There is a calculated formula that goes into food presentation and it is done for a variety of reasons. While many may believe it is for just aesthetic purposes, there are more reasons to take extra special care with the presentation of food.

The first reason is that it communicates a message of quality. There is actually a psychology that goes into food presentation that either enhances or diminishes the quality of a kitchen staff. Strong presentation is also an extension of the organization within a kitchen. Lackluster presentation is a way of a disorganized kitchen manifesting itself into the dining room.

Presentation also extends to the size, color and shape of the plate. There is a psychology that also goes into all those choices. Even garnishes serve a purpose in plating and should not be a mere afterthought. And restaurants do not need to specialize in fine dining to adhere to high food presentation standards. There is nothing wrong with being particular about plating a burger and fries. After all, every plate served to a customer is a statement about the restaurant.

Food Quality

There are several ways to ensure food quality is at a premium. The first is to guarantee freshness. This also ups the level of nutrients and flavor. Making timely food orders and giving food an appropriate shelf life necessitate freshness. Quality control of this nature includes marking food items upon their arrival and devising a system that eliminates ingredients after a certain amount of time.

Another important way to ensure quality is to get rid of artificial ingredients. This means refrain from using processed foods. Many customers will prefer the use of natural ingredients, which is also a plus when it comes to marketing. 

The right kitchen staff also makes a difference when it comes to food quality. There is a reason why restaurant food is elevated. That is because fresh ingredients are prepared on top-of-the-line equipment by trained professionals. That combination is essential when serving quality food.

The Office CBK is proud to utilize all of these methods to ensure our customers have high quality food and drinks coupled with top-notch presentation.